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Anonymous said: Why did nate leave??? Hes the shit! one of my favorite drummers

Okay, I get so many questions about this.. Nate left because he wanted to do something different, get a job and have an apartment with his girlfriend.. Sparks has been touring for 4 years making enough money to get by, we can pay gas, occasional hotels, practice spaces, Insurance, Van repairs. At the end of the day the members make, well memories, experiences and our friends and fans. There is only so long certain people can live that life. Nate wanted to start making money get his own place and stop living day by day on the road. Me personally I’m not giving up on music until my body does. He is still one of my best friends and the best drummer I know, I can’t even describe the memories we have shared the laughs the highs the chaos. He will be missed

  1. alyssakutrufis said: That’s totally understandable, you guys are awesome and I wish Nate all the best!! Can’t wait to hear your new cd :)
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